What type of ready-to-press transfers do we sell? 

We sell direct to film white toner transfers that can be applied to dark or light colored garments. 

What materials can it be transferred too? 

Cotton, Polyester, Mixed Fabric, Nylon, Silk, Leather, Denim, Paper, Book Covers, Wood, Metal, etc.

What are sheet size are the transfers? 

All images are fitted to 8.5 x 11,11 x17 or 11.7 x 19 sheet. 

Why use direct to film?

There is no cutting, no weeding, very soft touch, high washability, vibrant, brilliant colors, and finishing with hot stamping foils. 

Can you apply the heat transfer with a regular iron? 

No, you cannot apply the transfer with a regular iron or circuit press. You will need to use a heat press to transfer to garment. 

Does the transfer peel hot? 

No, the transfer are cold peel. 

How do I submit a image for a custom printing? 

Email CustomPrint@nikandkeldesigns.com with a ready-to-press design and select your size from here

Do you charge a fee for editing graphics for custom prints? 

If your image requires editing there is a one time graphic editing $15 per design. 

How long does it take process an order? 

Processing time is from 5-7 business days for our ready-to-press transfers. We typically ship out orders on the 5th day which does not include holidays and weekends. All orders are shipped from the United States.

Do you offer a refund? 

We do not offer refunds on any purchases made on this Website.

What mailing carrier do you offer? 

We ship via USPS and UPS Monday - Friday.