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IMPORTANT: THIS LISTING IS FOR A READY-TO-PRESS OKI TRANSFER. THIS IS A PHYSICAL PRODUCT THAT WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU– NOT A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. **DISCLAIMER** Please do your research on OKI and Forever Dark transfer prior to ordering as we are not responsible for any pressing errors. ACTUAL COLORS MAY DIFFER FROM THE PICTURE AS THE MONITOR/SCREEN ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE ACTUAL TRANSFER. This listing is for transfers only. Type: OKI Forever Dark Transfer Made to Order: Yes Sheet Size: 11x17, 8.5 x 17 Image Size: Printed Image varies on the sheet to size. The excess will be trimmed off of the final product which will reduce the sheet size Garments Color: Black, Dark, and Light-Colored Transferable materials: Cotton, Polyester, Mixed Fabric, Nylon, Silk, Leather, Denim, Paper, Book Covers, Wood, Metal, etc. Characteristics: No cutting, no weeding, very soft touch, high washability, vibrant, brilliant colors, and finishing with hot stamping foils TRANSFER TO THE MATERIAL Tape all four corners of the transfer (A-Foil) with a heat-resistant tape. Reason: While opening the press or removing the textile from your press, it may happen that the corners of the A-Foil lift up from the fabric. This leads to undesired hot-peeling and to incomplete and faulty edges. It is important to repress the transfer properly to soften the touch and increase the washability for 5-10 sec. YOU NEED A HEAT PRESS to press this transfer. A house iron or circuit press will not work for the image to transfer. ***Press Instructions: (Do Not Teflon use Parchment Paper)*** Cotton: 300-320F - 30 sec Polyester: 248-266F - 30 sec Polypropylen: 220F - 30 sec Blend Fabric: 248-266F - 30 sec Paper/Carton: 210F - 15 sec Book Covers: 230-250F - 15 sec AFTER THE PRESS PROCESS Peel the A-Foil when absolutely cold. Reason: If you remove the A-Foil while still warm, it will lead to an incomplete and faulty transfer. IF APPLYING THE HOT STAMPING FOIL Place the desired sheet of Hot Stamping Foil on your design, cover it with a sheet of Matt Finish Economy & press together at 310F or 30-45 sec (5 Bar / 72.5 psi / high pressure) Wait until the Hot Stamping Foil has completely cooled down, BEFORE removing. Wash resistant up to 40°C (Cold Wash Cycle) WASHING Up to 40°C (cold wash cycle). Do not use fabric softener or liquid detergent. Do not tumble dry. STORAGE Please store the unprinted media away from dust, moisture, and heat. The printed A-Foils can often be stored for several months, when not scratched or bent. The married transfers can also be stored for longer, when protected from dust, moisture, heat, scratches, and bending. We do recommend storing them in a box or in sealable zip-lock bags. **RETURNS/EXCHANGES** Due to the nature of the product, we do not allow returns or exchanges. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order! It is your responsibility to look over the prints before pressing. ** You are allowed to sell any items you make with the OKI transfers. You are not allowed to resell our OKI Transfer for profit. **