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African American Woman and owner of Nik and Kel Designs Flora Jordan

How We Started

Nik and Kel Designs was founded by Flora Jordan, an Air Force veteran whose dedication and discipline have shaped the company's identity. With a career spanning 24 years in the Information Technology sector, Flora honed her skills in the rapidly evolving digital innovation landscape. Her transition into the travel industry was pivotal in her professional journey.

Flora established her travel agency, which provided invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within the travel industry. This experience highlighted the critical role that effective digital tools play in enhancing the success of travel businesses. Motivated by these insights, Flora embarked on a mission to empower fellow travel advisors and agencies.

Nik and Kel Designs emerged from this vision—a synthesis of technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit aimed at revolutionizing how travel businesses connect with their audience. Our journey is a testament to Flora's commitment to innovation and excellence, which is driving us to seek ways to serve our clients better continually.

Our Mission

At Nik and Kel Designs, we aim to empower travel agencies by developing compelling digital presences that reflect their brand and the adventurous nature of travel. We offer advanced website design and digital strategies to boost online visibility and facilitate growth and connections in the global travel industry. Through innovation, dedication, and personalized solutions, we are dedicated to assisting every travel agency we collaborate with in achieving digital success and flourishing in an increasingly digital era.

Designing How Travel Agencies Connect with Their Ideal Clients

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